The name Fainin comes from the adjective Fain, that describes someone feels ‘pleased or willing’. Just like the people sharing in the Fainin Family - very pleased. Additionally, Fainin is a abbreviation for "Find Anything In Your Neigborhood". With Fainin, we want to establish a more sustainable way of living, by enabling collective consumption. We want sharing with strangers to become just as safe as sharing with strangers. To our point of view, it should turn to be a daily activity. If we'll start sharing more, we need less in total, because sharing results in a more efficient consumption of resources.

Each member in Fainin-Family supports sustainable consumption and performs a small contribution towards a big change within our society. To follow Fainin's vision of a social sharing community, we want to establish assurance through Fainin's unique Design-For-Trust. Each user should trust himself to do good, but also other users to do similarly. To provide a secure marketplace and a trustworthy environment, we're using innovative technologies that build Fainin's unique Design-For-Trust. That's why we are the first, really secure sharing community. That's how we offer the possibility to share your stuff, create new experiences, build relationships and support sustainable consumption.   


When a user lends an item, the money is transferred to Fainin's admin account. Once the lender has confirmed the shipment and the borrower has confirmed receipt, the money is sent directly to the lender. If five days after the lender has confirmed the shipment, no confirmation has been received from the borrower, the money will be automatically send to the lender's account.

In the rare case of a problem, please contact us directly at

A borrower is charged via their selected payment method once a lender accepts the booking request.

The payment is then held in Fainin's admin account and will be released to the lender when the borrower has confirmed that they have received the item.  


Currently, the landlord decides whether he or she offers shipping outside of Fainin. He or she must show the shipping costs in his or her advertisement - we currently recommend that you duplicate your item (via the website, simply click on the three-dot menu at the top right of your product in the "Product Detail View" and then press "Duplicate"). Then edit the newly created article and save slightly higher rental prices in the rental offer. This way you can directly display the shipping costs at Fainin and thus also reach tenants outside of your city. 

In the long term we plan to offer two options: The classic handover at every rental is free of charge and probably the easiest handover method - provided tenant:in and landlord:in live close enough to each other. In addition, we will offer in-app label generation in cooperation with the usual shipping service providers, whereby the renter prints out a label as a PDF via our (web) app and sticks it on the package. 

Why haven't we integrated this yet? We want to automate an insured shipping method on the platform - because the safety of all participants is more important to us than anything else. In the long run, every renter or lender will be able to decide which shipping options they want to offer on the platform. 

All details of the meeting for the transfer of an item should be arranged via Fainin's messaging facility. If difficulties arise with the renter or lender, please contact us directly at

In the long run we will integrate a shipping option on the platform. The shipping label will be provided in the app after selecting the required details. An estimated shipping time will then be provided by the respective service provider in the future. As soon as the rental company sends a shipping confirmation, it will appear in your booking. It usually takes about 3 working days for an item to reach you. Please note that the shipping time depends on where the item is being shipped from and to - so unfortunately we cannot guarantee the three days. If the item has not arrived by the expected delivery date, use your tracking number to check the status of your shipment and if no further information is available, you should contact the shipping company. They will then check the status of your shipment and provide you with the relevant details as soon as possible. If you have any further problems, please contact us directly at       

Absolutely! We encourage you to list your items on Fainin as there are many benefits which include bookings being covered by the insurance provided by Fainin as well as the exposure of your business to a strong community that probably loves your items. Currently, we are developing premium features solely for business accounts which will include additional admin functions to help managing your bookings. If you would like more information please contact us at  

There are a few items which are prohibited from being lent/borrowed on Fainin. These items include:
- Guns, firearms and weapons of any kind
- Drugs or chemicals of any kind
- Real estate or property
- Cars
- Motorbikes
- Human Beings
- Animals

At Fainin you can rent and borrow just about anything! Some of our most popular categories:
- Film and photography accessories
- Audio-visual accessories
- DJ equipment
- Electronics
- Drones
- Children's and baby accessories
- Projectors and screens
- Clothing
- Sports Accessories
- Bicycles
- Boats

The renter can request an extension of the rental, but the current rental must be terminated on a basis of trust. If the lender accepts the extension request, he/she can end the rental and a new rental can be started with an additional booking.

It is important to note that the lender has the final say on a possible extension and payment should be made immediately after the end of the first rental.

Of course! We are happy that you are joining our community! We have special business accounts with extra administrative features to help you manage your new rental activities. Contact us and we will take care of you and your business - either via email: or one of our social media channels.

Extending a booking

If you’d like to borrow an item for a longer period you can create a new booking for the extended date range and then go through the booking process that you're used to.

Shortening a booking

If you need to shorten your booking, you should discuss your request with the lender. Once you and the lender have agreed on the terms, payments are automated, but not set in stone! Please contact us directly via, so we can process any required refund. Keep in mind that service fees cannot be reimbursed.

Cancelling a booking

Lender and borrower can decide to cancel a booking. If either party decides to cancel an accepted booking, they should first discuss it with their transaction-partner. Once agreed, the party who has initiated the cancellation should email us via, so we'll be able to process the refund to the borrower. Keep in mind that service fees cannot be reimbursed. We will be integrating new features to manage extensions, shortenings or cancellations of bookings soon. When sending E-Mails to us, please make sure to use the linked E-Mail-address to your Fainin account.

Your item should be returned the same way it was delivered to the borrower.

Delivery method: Meetup

You should arrange the meetup details for the return of an item using Fainin's chat. If you are having difficulty arranging this and need to involve Fainin, please contact us directly at

Delivery method: Shipping (coming soon)

A return shipping label is included when selecting the shipping method. Simply attach the return label to the packaged item and deliver the package to your nearest package collection outlet.