When was the last time you played the guitar? A year ago? And what about that extra bike taking up space in your garage? You may not realize it, but you probably have at least five items lying around that are just collecting dust. Someone in your vicinity could really use that guitar for a jam session with her friends, so why not lend it to her at a modest price for a day?

Cue in Fainin, the shared economy app and OST Partner Company.
The Berlin startup wants to make it rewarding for people to lend things they rarely use, and for others to find and borrow them easily. It also wants to make sure its users won’t have to second-guess anyone renting their items, and that there’s no haggling between lender and borrower whenever something gets broken. Lastly, Fainin wants their platform to be current, relevant and value-adding to everyone looking to rent unused items.

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