An image speaks more than a thousand words. When trying to lend an item online, 80% of the transactions are driven by the quality of the picture, as it shows users what they are about to borrow. If the product pictures are not good, you will lose rentals and you could get a negative reputation. That is why it is worth spending time to create photos that will help you boost you rentals.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take great pictures, simply follow our guide and start taking professional looking photos that will make your products look more appealing.


1.Show items real condition


The most important thing in products’ photography is to stay as faithful as possible to the reality of the items you are trying to rent. Some people try to hide product failures, or even worse, fail to show the product attributes correctly which can create two negative effects:

  • False Expectations: you should never take excessively retouched photos that show a much better product than the real one because when the user receives it, he will be disappointed.
  • Rejection: you should never publish bad quality photos that show the product worse than it is. If a product does not look appealing to the user, he or she will not rent it. In addition, you will also stain your image and reputation.


2. Lightning


Lighting is the key to professional photography. That is why, before taking the photos, make sure there is enough light in the room. You could also add extra light with several spotlights or bulbs. When utilising artificial lights, the ideal is to use 3 light bulbs: left, right and another for the background. Do not put direct lights on your products, otherwise it can “burn” the image and create shadows that can tarnish your items and even leave areas in the dark.

A great idea is to build a Light Box. Follow the steps to build your own here

Pro tip: Avoid using flash!
Flash has many virtues, but it could also produce an irregular illumination. As a result you may end up disfiguring your products with an intense and whitish light.


3. Use Neutral Backgrounds


Avoid using complex backgrounds that distract attention and hide your product’s attributes. Use plain backgrounds, with neutral colors that will help you highlight your products.


4. Center the object and make the most of the frame


The object is the protagonist and as such deserves to capture all the possible space within the photo. For this reason, make the most of the picture and place the product in the middle, leaving only small background margins around the product.


5. Play with the angles


Just as people have a good side, so do products. Therefore, you should play with the angles always looking for the most descriptive and illustrative photograph possible.
Every product has different details: seams, closures, textures, etc. Therefore, you should also take pictures of all the details that add value to the product as they will help the user to get an idea of the quality, the touch, the smell, etc. of the item that they are going to rent.


6. Show the products in use


Some products need a little push to become more attractive. This is the case of the products that are not commonly used, such as an inflatable boat, fancy clothes or accessories.
In these cases, most people need to see how the items could be used or how they could fit. A camera accessory in use for instance, or examples of what you could do with it, allows users to better understand how they could use it themselves.
Also, if you do not indicate the measurements of the product, take advantage of the photo to show the scale. Posting a picture of your boat on the lake with some people on board not only helps users understand the item’s size but also offers a background to a story users can relate to.

Pro tip: Include Video
Fainin allows users to upload videos too. Sometimes videos give users an even better perception of the item in question



6. Retouch the photos slightly


Once the photographs are taken, slightly modify the photos to improve the contrast, brightness and saturation. Remember not to abuse the touch-ups: items should be as faithful to reality as possible.


Now you are all set! Just follow these tips and start creating some captivating photos that will help you increase your rentals, improve your image and your reputation.