What started out as an Irish custom to frighten off unwanted spirits has since become a popular tradition all around the world: Halloween. So prepare to get spooked on October 31! It’s the perfect excuse to host a “spooktactular” party, while the kids terrorise the neighbourhood with shouts of “Trick or treat!”

If the thought of having to host a party sends shivers down your spine, don’t worry! We have some helpful hints for a scary night of partying.


1. Must-have for Halloween: Costumes



No costumes, no party – it’s that simple. Every guest should come dressed up. After all, costumes are half the fun of Halloween! And don’t forget: Halloween is no beauty pageant. The more horrifying the look the better.

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2. Ambient lighting for Halloween



For the perfect gloomy mood, ditch the bright ceiling lights. Opt for dim, indirect sources of lighting instead. Cover lamps with scarves or colourful transparent paper – provided you keep an eye on your lights to prevent starting a fire.

Candles or string lights are also ideal. Arrange the latter in large glass vases or drape them behind pictures and furniture for an especially eery effect.


3. Halloween decorations



The one thing every Halloween party needs: plenty of pumpkins. Apart from those, skeletons, spiders, ghosts, and bats are great to turn your living room into a haunted house. Cover walls and windows with black cloth for a moody atmosphere.


4. Culinary delights for Halloween



Get creative when it comes to serving food for your spooky soirée. Head to the local pharmacy to get a bunch of disposable syringes – perfect to serve drinks (aka shots) in. Make a punch with a twist by adding some eyeballs made from lychees and cherries to it.

For that special Frankenstein feeling, serve dips like guacamole in petri dishes and beakers.


5. Party music for Halloween



If you want to create a truly spine-chilling atmosphere, try playing sounds straight out of a scary movie in the background. Just think of organ music, thunder, manic laughter …

Streaming services such as Spotify also have plenty of Halloween playlists available.


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