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50 Dinge, die du verleihen kannst

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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Halloween: How to host a Spooky Party

What started out as an Irish custom to frighten off unwanted spirits has since become a popular tradition all around the world: Halloween. So prepare to get spooked on October 31! It’s the perfect excuse to host a “spooktactular” party, …

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5 Reasons why Autumn isn’t so bad after All

Plenty of sunshine and blue skies – this year we’ve really been spoiled by the summer. But that just makes the switch to colder temperatures all the more difficult. While those who suffered from the heat were probably happy to …

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Sustainable living for every day : 5 tips for an eco-friendly lifestyle

“Sustainability” – it used to remind us of those hippy-dippy folks making their own organic muesli, but has long since shed its uncool image. What exactly does it mean to lead a sustainable lifestyle? In forestry, sustainability means not chopping …

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