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About us

What is Fainin?

Fainin is a community that allows users to lend and borrow all kind of items in an easy and hassle-free way, connecting people who need things with owners that want to lend them and make money with each rental.

Fainin provides 100% transparency between users for every part of the transaction.

We are proud of being the only app in the shared economy market that works with an insurance that covers the lender, the borrower and any 3rd party that might get involved in the casualty, up to €15.000.


About the founders

After working many years for different companies, the founders agreed that they wanted something more for their lives, something that will make an impact on the way people live, connect and share.

In the summer of 2017, Fainin was created with the strong belief that sharing is the best way to generate new business opportunities for people, giving users access to almost any item without needing to own it, while being sustainable and building stronger connections with people inside a community they can trust.

Choose Fainin


    See cash coming by lending out things you are not using in an easy and secure way


    With our app you can look for things that are close to you, which will make you save time and get what you need faster


    By opting borrowing over buying, you are avoiding unnecessary mass production. Being sustainable and allowing users the possibility to be environmentally conscious is Fainin’s goal!


    You can decide whether to personally arrange for delivery or use the app to pay for shipping. Shipping costs can be split and paid for by lender and borrower.

  • BETA


    if you are doubtful about buying something, why don’t you rent it on Fainin first and then decide?

  • BETA


    By making certain actions, community members will receive “Fainin Boomerangs” that will allow them to purchase in-app services or rent products within the community or outside of it!

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